As you know from my blog, my name is Carla Wheeler and I have a little confession… I am a skin care and fashion junkie. You name the product and I there is a 99% chance I have tried it. That being said, I am very brand loyal and I used Clinique for many years, supplementing with other products for additional help. With only about 75% positive results, I finally decided to try something new, and it is amazing.

My passion in life is to help others. I am a full time engineer in the nuclear industry and career woman, but since I had my little girl I have been looking for something different, and WOW have I found it! I have skin issues, and so does my husband Troy and my daughter, Amelia, so it made perfect sense to become educated on how to better care for our skin.

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As a teen I had terrible acne. I started wearing makeup very early to camouflage the acne and the scarring. Once I had a pimple that got infected (because I could not leave them alone) and I missed several days of school because my lip swelled up like a golf ball. I was so embarrassed that I could not face anyone until it went away. I would get out of bed and put makeup on and would not leave the house without it. On holidays and especially on Christmas morning, I had to put makeup on immediately before the photos began. I would could not face the world without my makeup mask.

Over the years, I tried many things, but nothing seemed to work. I finally found Clinique and it became a staple for makeup and skincare. Fast forward to college and I started getting redness. I always removed my makeup before bed, but when I would wake up my face would be very red and splotchy. After another 10 years, I started to develop deeper smile lines and creases in my forehead.  I decided it was time to find something that would work. I had tried just about everything that you can buy at the store and had a drawer full of products that I couldn’t use. I was tired of my Clinique regimen that didn’t last and only solved about 75% of my problems.

I needed a Skin Care Solution for my issues:

  • Acne
  • Acne Scarring
  • Redness and Rosacea
  • Sensitive Skin and Eyes
  • Wrinkles
  • Psoriasis
  • Enlarged Pores

I am very passionate about solving problems, so it was my goal to find something out there that would work for me. I knew there had to be something! In my research to solve my issues, I started looking into other issues for my friends and family. I became educated in skin issues and providing solutions. I am on my way to becoming a skincare expert. 10426541_10155533463810646_6015666137961261372_n

To date I have helped people with my issues, and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin), scarring, stretch marks, aging issues, and many others. I would love to help you solve your skin issues, so please contact me and let me know how I can help you.

My business- RFRocks Skincare

I have started my own business and can recommend natural solutions and skin care products that will work for you. Let me tell you a little about how I got started and share My Story-

My mom w12687772_10156525555165646_5397563291824111669_nas diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2014. I was almost 9 months pregnant, had just moved to the Lexington, SC one year prior, and had to scramble to find a sitter for my soon to arrive baby girl, Amelia. Amelia was born in September on the same day my mom had her lumpectomy. She was unable to be with me for the birth of my first child. My sister had been with her and made it to the hospital to help me as I was starting to push. Fast forward 6-8 months- my mom finished her treatments but my husband, Troy, lost his job, and was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Burkitt’s is an aggressive cancer and the day they diagnosed him we were told to go home, pack a bag and get to the hospital. He was admitted 4 times for treatments for 7-10 days at a time. We spent May – July 2015 in and out of the hospital. He also got really sick a week after the final treatment and he almost died. As all this was going on with Troy, I had to manage shuffling an 8 month old to and from childcare and family members, so I could stay with Troy in the hospital at nights so he would not be alone. Thank God for family, because without my parents and Troy’s family we would not have made it through the fight.

When I was with Troy I missed Amelia, and when I was with Amelia, I missed Troy. Not to mention that I still had to work, because I was the sole supporter for our family and it was the busiest time in the history of my plant since 1969.  It was the hardest time of my life because I could not be there for my husband, my baby and my job at the same time. I had to work while other people cared for my husband and my child and I felt like a failure. The only thing that was stable in my life was my job, and unfortunately no one really understood what I was going through and some misunderstanding occurred and really rocked my career foundations.

4810758_1434726936.0181_updates4810758_1441811594.279_updatesDuring this time, I had to beg, plead and ask for help- which is not something that I do. I don’t like the feeling that I owe someone else something. I created a Go Fund me site, Troy’s Lymphoma Fundraiser to help pay for the $6,000 of doctor bills we incurred. I also had donations sent to meAAEAAQAAAAAAAAK4AAAAJDljODA0ZDAwLTMzM2YtNDMxMS1hODY3LWMzYWVhMjg4NTkzNQ from dear family and friends which helped me pay my mortgage, electricity and other bills. I needed this help because anytime I needed time off from work I had to take FMLA  (leave without pay ) which reduced my income. I had taken all of my vacation time with Amelia being sick with ear infections (she had tubes put in at 7 months and that helped significantly). In October 2015, Troy completed his radiation treatments and decided that he could not work for a while until he recovered. Since October, I had been looking for something to help supplement my income and allow my family to take a vacation and be able to go out to eat Mexican for dinner, and enjoy some small pleasures. Before Troy’s illness I had just become debt free, only to find myself falling back into debt to be able to afford all of the costs we incurred in addition to our bills.

I had heard about some skincare products that were working for several of my friends, so I started to ask questions and realized quickly that I needed to try these products to see if they may get me to more than a 75% solution to my skincare issues. Since Clinique offered me mediocre results at best and no other products I tired had worked, I was excited about the possibility to rid my skin of its issues! I liked the idea of  a streamlined and numbered 3-step, easy to use, skincare line that would not require me to use the 10 products I had been trying to use unsuccessfully to cover all my concerns. I also liked that the products were pharmaceutical/clinical grade vs. cosmetic and were designed to address a variety of skin concerns and issues.

I didn’t have the money to buy the products even though they had a 60 day money back guarantee, so I started to look into the business. I prayed about it all and suddenly I had an epiphany, this business model fit with my desire to help people. I asked a lot of questions and did my research and found all the free press for this company including Forbes endorsement, celebrity endorsements, and business ratings. I checked for market saturation and for show stoppers in the compensation plan and made an educated decision to join.

I  researched the team I joined. Of course, I love team dynamics and I wanted to make sure I was on a team of supportive, motivating and like minded professionals. I was selective. Believe it or not, but your team is the most critical decision you will choose next to the business kit. You need to be passionate about the company and products, but you need a support system that will push you when you want to quit, and cheer for you when you succeed. This is truly a marathon, not a sprint.


The global skincare industry is projected to be $121 Billion in 2016 and the skincare market is projected to be $11 Billion by 2018. It makes sense to take a look at this opportunity, where do you fit into the BIG picture? RFrocks Skincare is where, check the facts below.

MY WHY…  is because life is short and fragile and we never know when it could end. In May of 2015 I realized how precious this life is when my husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer and my daughter was only 7 months old. We had to be apart many times while my husband was hospitalized and we had to change our lifestyle, and ask for a lot of help. I had to work and provide for my family while nurses cared for my husband and others watched my baby. I wanted to be with my family instead of working when they needed me most. I never want to be in that situation again, missing out on life, and I want to be there for the people who need me!

Don’t let FEAR cause you to overlook the FACTS!
🔵 America’s #1 Anti-Aging Skincare
🔵 America’s #1 Premium Acne Treatment
🔵 The fastest growing Skincare BRAND in the USA
🔵 Among the top 20 DSA companies in the USA
🔵 On track to be a billion dollar brand this YEAR
🔵 America’s #2 Skincare Line next to Clinique
🔵 Developed by 2 top female entrepreneurs of the decade
🔵 Developed by Stanford trained & board certified Dermatologists
🔵 Featured in Forbes Magazine multiple times, most recently The Rising Success
🔵 In 2006, product line pulled from Brick & Mortar stores like Nordstrom
🔵 In 2009, relaunched as a Direct Sales company
🔵 2010 Rising Star Award for up & coming direct selling companies, 2013
Old Stevie® Award: Company of the Year Consumer Products, DSA 3 consecutive Years Industry Leader, Five Prestigious ETHOS Awards, 2 consecutive years DSA Excellence in Salesforce Development Award
🔵 Charity partnerships; Chicago based Inspiration Corporation, etc.
🔵 Celebrity endorsments joining the business include: Lynne Spears (Brittany’s mom), Kacie Boguskie from ABC’s the Bachelor, Ross Gibby of “Sex and the City,” Jeff Reid of the Giants, Melissa Gilbert, Lisa Rinna, Ajarae Coleman of Scandal, Chicago Bears Defensive Tackle Nate Collin, Spencer Locke, Kelsey Grammar’s beautiful daughter, Greer (Kelsey Grammer’s daughter),  Michael Waltrip (NASCAR Driver), James Dention of JAG, and Veronica Webb (Supermodel)
🔵Celebrity endorsment using the products include: Dina Manzo from Real Housewives of NJ, Brittany Spears, U.S. Olympic Figure Skater- Madison Chock, Katey Sagal, Tia & Tamera, Ellen, Tish Cyrus (mom of Miley Cyrus), Katherine McPhee, Blake Shelton, Oprah, Ashley from the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise
🔵 Ground Floor Opportunity with only 150,000 franchises in US, Canada, and Australia with Global potential
🔵 Affordable start-up costs
🔵 No inventory, No home Parties
🔵Amazing coaching, training and incentives.
🔵 Offers financial & time freedom

My advice- DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS OPPORTUNITY because it’s in the form of skincare. This is a BRAND that LEFT RETAIL as a LEADING CLINICAL brand to ALLOW NORMAL PEOPLE  like me and you, to SHARE in the PROFITS.

I would love to coach you and have you on the team, so please contact me and let me know how I can help you.